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We all know how challenging it can be to move to a new city or a new county. Especially the beginning of this journey can be very tough. Every day may seem like a new struggle for survival: unfamiliar language, cultural differences, regulations, even understanding how public transportation works can be a hassle. 

Throughout the past years, we have  lived in several European cities and went through all ups and downs when settling into a new place. Moving to a new place is not always cheap. Sometimes you face unexpected expenses that makes your bank account scream for help. You cannot let this stop you from having an awesome experience. Whether you are a student or just on a budget, we want  to give you an easy start to your journey. So we will share with you experiences we made with documentation processes, study tips, cooking recipes, travel hacks, budget shopping and diverse lifestyles. Feel free to apply our tips and tricks if you find them helpful or at least get a good laugh at our crazy stories. 

Feel free to check us out on social media -like, share, send us hugs. Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to talk about. We hope we can create a community together where everyone can learn from each other. Have lots of fun and always remember - stay on a budget!



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