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Travelling · 29. October 2018
It’s almost November and fall has officially begun. University, papers, deadlines, exams…All this can be very stressful but the thought of approaching winter brake cheers us all up. Since many of us look into cool ways to spend our brake and relax before the start of the new year, we decided to dedicate this post to vacations.
Fruit picking · 21. October 2018
Who doesn’t love picking their own fruits and veggies? That amazing feeling of walking into a fruit garden, choosing your favourite tree and picking up some fruits, biting into it right away and picking more to take home with you…Amazing right?
Online secondhand platforms · 14. October 2018
Hello bargain lovers. Today’s post is all about secondhand online stores. Who hasn’t been in a situation where you need to get a new product but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Maybe you heard your neighbor got an awesome deal on his new bike but you don’t know where to look for these awesome deals? Then this post is dedicated for all you bargain hunters out there.