Pick your own fruits and veggies

Dear fruit and veggie lovers, this post is for you!

Who doesn’t love picking their own fruits and veggies? That amazing feeling of walking into a fruit garden, choosing your favourite tree and picking up some fruits, biting into it right away and picking more to take home with you…Amazing right? But it is even better if done with your friends or family and later you can even make some jam with the berries you just picked yourself or bake a pie with those delicious apples. So many possibilities and so much fun!

Now we know these types of gardens are quite well-known in some countries (also in Austria and Germany) but for some this concept might be very new. These gardens / fields vary in size and are open to public. Depending on the season and the region, you can find offers on all kinds of berries, fruits and vegetables. Some of these places offer these goodies free of charge or for a small donation and some do it as a full-time job and charge you for a kilo price. But taking into consideration that this is an amazing experience and you also get to support local farmers, we believe it is totally worth it. Sometimes you will find some buckets or trays in those “pick your own” gardens or you can just bring your own bucket. This is a really fun experience that reminds you of being a kid and makes you appreciate nature to the fullest. We have linked for you a fruit garden that is located close to Wels, Austria. Be aware some of them might close during winter time, some of them are open all year round. So, it is time to pick your bicycle and get some of these tasty fruits. Enjoy and always remember to stay on a budget!

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