Willhaben, Shpock, Ebay Kleinanzeigen

Hello bargain lovers. Today’s post is all about secondhand online stores. Who hasn’t been in a situation where you need to get a new product but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Maybe you heard your neighbor got an awesome deal on his new bike but you don’t know where to look for these awesome deals? Then this post is dedicated for all you bargain hunters out there. If you are not familiar with the concept of secondhand or you always had your doubts, we encourage you to continue reading and will try to proof you otherwise. 

Now, the concept of trading your own personal items in exchange for another item, is very old. It goes way back to our good old friend homo sapiens. That’s right, back in the stone age people started to trade artefacts and handcrafts that turned into the exchange of food products, then later into the exchange of herbs and medicine and other scarce resources. Generally speaking we are still trading today. For a specific amount of money an object changes its ownership. Secondhand is a sustainable concept where already used products are exchanged instead of new ones. Often the condition of secondhand products are superb and you ask yourself how it was possible for the seller to keep it in such a condition. Usually secondhand products are way cheaper than buying a new one. There is even an additional benefit for your gentle soul. You are giving a product a second life which means that resources are saved to produce a new product that you would have otherwise purchased. Back in the days, we had big markets for trade, today we realize the exchange online. Today we will talk about three major marketplaces where you can realize your trade. These are “willhaben” and “Shpock” for the Austrian market and “Ebay Kleinanzeigen” for the German one. All of them offer tons of secondhand products in countless categories. It is a jungle of capitalism that is just waiting for you the be conqueredJ

Students on a budget” wouldn’t be students on a budget to provide you with an awesome advice. There is a category called “zu verschenken” on all of these platforms. People are giving away items for free! You just have to make the effort to pick them up. Awesome right? We have already made some great discoveries like some beautiful kitchen chairs that are still being used until today. For more information on how these platforms work and what you need to watch out for, please watch our video. We hope this post helps you to manage your budget. Until next time … remember to stay on a budget. 

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