A perfect snack for students



Dates 500gr

Oats 0.5 cup

Coconut flakes 1cup


Cranberriesa handful

Lemonzest + juice

Cacao powder 2 table spoons

Banana ½ or even less

A pinch of salt

Today’s post is about date balls – a snack that is healthy, filling and as a bonus is easy to make :) You can pack these babies for school/work or just store them in the fridge for when you are craving a snack. Before we get to the actual “making of it”, we would like to tell you how we found out about this awesome treat. 

Last year we decided to go vegetarian and also give a vegan life-style a try. Truth to be told, we like all kinds of food and are not too harsh on different diets. However, this experiment proved us that we feel really good with a combination of vegetarian and vegan. Nevertheless, we do not mind occasional fish or other types of meat, let’s say if we are visiting friends who did not know about our diet or a new country and want to give the local dishes a try. When you try a new diet, the best thing is it inspires you to try new things and get creative using ingredients you have never used before or simple underestimated And this is exactly how we discovered date balls and wanted to share the recipe with you. In this video you will see us making two different flavors, but the options are limitless, so feel free to experiment with your favorite combinations and let us know how you liked these J

Now these also work great if you want to impress someone with a fancy-looking dessert. All you need is a couple of bowls, a spatula or a spoon, a blender (or even better - a food processor if you have one) or a fork for mashing the dates. Once you have all the “equipment”, all the ingredients and our video you are ready to start.

We spent about €5 on the ingredients. The recipe makes about 16 servings/balls. Have fun making these and let us know which flavors you made and if you liked it. Don’t stay hungry bur stay on a budget 

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